Wow! – ‘Raise Our Men’ film

Garth has been developing White Ribbon NZ’s brilliant Raise Our Men film.

The film is revolutionary – interviews with New Zealand men about their experience of male socialisation and changes they have made. It is informative, tells men’s personal stories and includes experts briefly introducing the issues. It is a positive story of hope.

The film was publicly released during the November 2017 White Ribbon campaign and was shown twice on Maori Television and in many other settings.

The film targets key risks for men’s violence against women; gender inequality; rigid gender roles; men tending to only express aggression; and males taking their masculine identity from their peers.

This reflects the ‘gender transformative’ approach Garth has worked on over the last ten years, particularly for White Ribbon’s Respectful Relationships campaign. He undertook the initial research and wrote the brief for the film producers, was interviewed for the film and has produced a discussion guide to accompany the film.

Professionals working with men have quickly realised the value of the film to prompt discussion about very relevant issues and have incorporated the film into their work.  “I hope the film has a long and varied life’ says Garth, “and gets into  many diverse settings to be used in new ways to promote positive male behaviour with as many men as possible. It really has that potential”.

The film can be seen here or contact White Ribbon if you want to use the film with a group – for free (via

Incidentally, the most similar film produced in New Zealand was the Expressions of Sexuality television programme about men’s sexuality that Garth was the researcher and interviewer for, 34 years ago. A big shout out to Allison Webber, the series producer, for such a brave project way back then.

“Hopefully it won’t take so long to get much more media exploring masculinity in a real and positive way” says Garth.

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