New resource for fathers – to develop their son’s respectful sexual behaviour

As part of his continuing work with White Ribbon’s violence prevention campaign Garth has recently developed a totally new resource for fathers – to support them in building their son’s respectful sexual behaviour.

This grew out of white Ribbon’s research that found that most fathers were reluctant to talk about sexual consent with their sons. They were three times more likely  to talk to them about finding a job and nearly half never discuss this with their sons. When fathers have daughters, they’re twice as likely to regularly discuss sexual consent with them.Raising sons who respect graphic

Developing dads is a missed opportunity – and a new approach – to preventing violence. The new fathering toolbox gives strategies and approaches dads can use to develop their son’s respectful behaviour.

The toolbox, plus short videos about the top five tips are at

Other toolboxes Garth has developed for White Ribbon – on having a respectful relationship and how young men can start respectful relationships, are also available at that site.



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