Garth in Papua New Guinea

Garth’s just back from running training with a group of 12 men in Lae, Papua New Guinea.

The 12 men are involved in promoting safer sexual health to other men. The training was about how they can effectively promote behaviour change, especially about violence to women.

The three day training developed the idea of Trupela Man, the Pidgin English term for true man. This useful term summarised the collection of healthy behaviour the men were promoting. Along with using condoms (Koap wantaim kondom), the men were promoting Tok nogat long bagaripim meri – say no to violence to women.

The training looked at the benefits  and costs of desirable behaviours and developed key messages to use with men. This is part of  a project to prevent HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) that is managed by NZ’s Family Planning. Garth will probably work with these men again in June and November.

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